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Yall i have found my official aesthetic

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♫ Have you turned to music to help you cope? What’s your favorite music for this purpose?
Not specifically, I’ve always been into music but it has definitely helped me cope. I prefer music that’s so good (in my opinion) it cheers me up. Currently, I’m into synth and darkwave a lot. 

☯ Are there any disorders or conditions you think you might have that you aren’t diagnosed for?
Yes. My eating patterns are currently just considered a ‘side-effect’ of the other things I have, but I think it might actually be worse than it seems and I guess I’d like it to be looked at a bit more seriously. I’ve had a diagnosed eating disorder in the past and I feel like a lot of that is returning.

☓ Do you believe in self diagnosis?
Yes and no. I think self-diagnosis can give you kind of an idea of what’s wrong with you and where to start looking for the kind of help you need, but it can’t replace an actual diagnosis, also because you can’t treat yourself (properly, i’m not talking about self-medicating using illegal drugs and stuff.) 




Me and my friend Katie dancing 😊

this is literally to happiest, prettiest thing in the world

This is my favourite picture on here now.

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Chronic Illness Community Asks

  • ✚: Do you have an official diagnosis or diagnoses? What are they?
  • ☓: Do you believe in self diagnosis?
  • ☯: Are there any disorders or conditions you think you might have that you aren't diagnosed for?
  • ✞: Do your religion and your mental health have anything to do with one another?
  • ✡: How much do you tell your family about your mental health? How do they feel about it
  • ✤: When were you first diagnosed?
  • ★: Are you currently seeking help from a mental health professional? Do you like them or dislike them?
  • ✱: What's your opinion of the mental health system in your country?
  • ❤: Does your diagnosis/disorder/whathaveyou affect your romantic life at all?
  • ♫: Have you turned to music to help you cope? What's your favorite music for this purpose?
  • ☮: Do you describe your moods or different aspects of your diagnosis with certain terms that other people might not know? Explain.
  • ø: What are some of the best and worst comments you've gotten in relation to your illness?
  • ✎: How does your illness affect your work or school?
  • ✿: How does being neuroatypical affect your day do day life?
  • ☢: What's your opinion on medication?
  • ☁: What are the hardest and easiest parts of your condition for you?
  • ϟ: What misconceptions do you see a lot about your condition?
  • ⓣ: How do you feel about tumblr's view of mental illness?
  • ▼: Do you believe in ableism towards people with mental disabilities?
  • ☠: How serious/significant do you consider your disorder? Why?
  • ♡: How do you feel about people putting their illnesses in their sidebars/freely advertising them?
  • ♋: What's your favorite self care thing to do?